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Art @ Fifth

Enhance culture and art in La Quinta

Art @ Fifth

Art @ Fifth was initiated to enhance La Quinta’s rich culture and deep roots for the arts. It is home to visually spectacular and interactive experiences that produce positive energy felt by its audience. Each work of art encourages genuine human connection, embodies the area’s cultural identity, and inspires the community to create a more peaceful culture.


Andre Blanche, Historic Mural

Chris Sanchez, Chromaplex

Daryl Thetford, La Quinta

Don Kennell, Colibri

Louis De Martino, Sunbeam

Robert Radi, 911 Memorial

Goldenvoice, Roadrunner

John Cuevas, Hydra & Volta


S.C.R.A.P. Gallery is featuring Home FREE – a recycled art project you can assemble at home.

There’s no place like home! Americans produce approximately 267.8 million pounds of trash annually or 4.51 pounds per person per day. This includes bottles, paper, cardboard, packaging, food, grass clippings, furniture, computers, parts, gadgets and doodads – things that come from home.

So let’s start at home. We are kicking off a new program that’s just for you. We know you have all sorts of things around your house. How about taking some of those things that would normally be thrown away and repurposing them into arts and crafts?

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