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Certified Farmers Market

La Quinta’s Farmers Market:
Shop Local Farmers, Chefs & Artisans

One of the many endless reasons that living in Southern California is worth every moment is your local, year-round Certified Farmers Market! A weekly event you didn’t know you were missing. Held locally around the Coachella Valley, the gathering of farmers, chefs, and artisans who make or grow everything you’d need from the grocery store, only it’s local and you know their name.

The ability to create interpersonal relationships with the farmers has always been another great way of being able to enjoy your food more. Knowing their name is more important than you think. When you know them, it creates a deep respect for what they bring to your life.

What can I get at the La Quinta Farmers Market?

Our farmers markets have so much more than the freshest flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We also have fresh farm raised meats, line caught seafoods, fresh baked breads, pastries, cookies, biscotti, handmade hummus, chips and dips, salsas, jams, kombucha, handcrafted gourmet teas and sauces, premium olive oil, and balsamic vinegar available.

We have locally farmed honey, fresh squeezed juices, handcrafted leather and jewelry, all natural health products, handmade clothing, cards, skincare, soaps, candles, handcrafted-locally sourced wood bowls and cutting boards. This is only the beginning, it’s like a treasure hunt everyday.

Supporting local farms and local families

There are less of these small family farms every year. With our support, these families continue to grow food for generations to come. Small family farms are the backbone of this country, it’s my job and pleasure for you and others to have a place to support them.

Shopping at your local weekly farmers market allows nourishment for yourself and family, but you are helping a family just like yours flourish as well. Community brings unity. Afterall, all we have is each other; make our market family, your family too.

The main advantages of shopping at the La Quinta Farmers Market

When shopping in large-chain grocery stores, you support large corporations and continue the cycle of gmo-based foods. When buying local, you get the blessing to eat food grown near you to replenish your body with complete nutrients and a better-tasting meal with no gmo. As well, you support your local economy and put your hard-earned money back in the economy of your town.

The farmers at a certified market don’t sell to grocery stores, they sell directly to you without the time of mass transportation and distribution. You’ll know their name, building these relationships with the ones growing your food makes this food even more precious and delicious.

The best place for chefs to source local ingredients and flavors

If you are a chef at a local restaurant, we encourage you to shop at the farmers market. Ask the farmers
about setting up a wholesale account with each farmer for pre-ordering produce or freshly squeezed juices each week. We will be happy to cross-promote your restaurant for using farmers market produce, and invite you to our #shopwithchef program.

Farmers Market Frequently Asked Questions

What day is the La Quinta Farmers Market?

The La Quinta Farmers Market takes place every Sunday, from October 1, 2023 – May 26, 2024! The market is closed for Christmas and Easter.

What are the hours for the La Quinta Farmers Market?

The La Quinta Farmers Market begins at 8 a.m. and usually ends around 1 p.m. Each stall might have slightly different hours, so it’s best to plan ahead!

Is the La Quinta Farmers Market dog-friendly?

Yes, the La Quinta Farmers Market is dog-friendly! In fact, some stalls sell treats and gifts for your four-legged friends.

The Certified Farmers Market is open every Sunday through May 26, 2024 (except for Christmas & Easter), from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., in Old Town La Quinta at 78100 Main Street in La Quinta, CA.

Feel free to call Christiana Green with any questions at (951) 551-6233 or visit https://oldtownlaquinta.com/certified-farmers-market/.

Instagram: @oldtownlaquintacfm

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