Don’t let the heat slow you down.

As the temperatures rise up, we tend to want to sit down. La Quinta not only offers breathtaking views and summer weather year round, it is packed full of ways to keep cool and active during the summer months. Here are few ways to keep yourself moving and cool during the summer in La Quinta.

Don’t let the heat slow you down.

The indoor views at the La Quinta Museum.
The La Quinta Museum is breathtaking in its own way with its aesthetic charm and a courtyard that seems straight out of a movie. But, inside the doors of this museum, you’ll find plenty to do all summer long. With upcoming events like Politics of Plastic and exhibits to stimulate your mind, this air conditioned oasis is sure to keep you happy.

Books and books and more BOOKS!
Looking for an escape from the desert heat? Check out the La Quinta library and venture into the hundreds of worlds hidden on every page. The summer reading programs are in full swing and the Ice Cream Social for 18+ is coming this month!

Don’t let the heat slow you down.

So cool and yet so fit.
We’ve got some great options to stay fit this summer and it’s headed up by the July Weight Loss Challenge at the La Quinta Wellness Center. The Wellness Center offers many classes and a full gym. Not much of a gym rat? Take a dip at the Fritz Burns Pool. This is public pool located at beautiful Fritz Burns Park.

With all of these great options to keep cool, don’t forget to take a peek out the window and catch another glimpse of those one of a kind views!

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