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When you travel to La Quinta, you have not only incredible resort options, but also beautiful vacation rentals to spend your time in as well.  The comforts and luxuries of staying in a La Quinta vacation rental greatly enhance any trip.  For families, a home provides the space needed for you to all enjoy your vacation together.  Large groups no longer need to be separated and can enjoy the closeness that only a home can provide.  Of course, with a home you have all the amenities you’re accustomed to – large kitchens, living room space, backyards to play in, privacy and dining room areas to celebrate meals with your loved ones.

Blue Skies Management

Caleca Property

Callie Properties, Inc.

Classic Desert Vacation Rental

Coldwell Banker Residential

Cove Management Services, Inc.

Cowboy Direct Response/Kim Wor

Desert First Real Estate Corp

Desert Luxury Rentals

Desert Luxury Vac Rent/Sales

Desert Vacation Leasing

Desert Vacation Rentals

Dry Heat Resorts

Endless Summer Investments, Inc

Join your neighbors at the 9/11 Candlelight Vigil to honor victims of the September 11 terrorst attacks. This event will feature musical performances, speeches by local dignitaries, and public art composed from World Trade Center building remnants.

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