Get Artsy in La Quinta

Get Artsy in La Quinta

Nestled in the breathtaking valley of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the city of La Quinta is a place where creativity and imagination thrive. As a relatively small city, it has embraced the arts at a number of levels – from its arts events to an extensive Art in Public Places program.

The city boasts the nation’s top-rated art festival according to Art Fair Sourcebook, as well as multiple on-going arts events, a foundation dedicated to promoting the arts, and a city decorated with public art – all within the extraordinary setting of this desert paradise nestled against the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains.

La Quinta is known for one of the most renowned festivals in the arts community, the La Quinta Arts Festival – presented by the La Quinta Arts Foundation. In its 33rd year, the La Quinta Arts Festival is a four-day event, showcasing the nation’s most spectacular artists. The festival exhibits a full spectrum of artistic talents including sculpture, photography, painting, ceramics, jewelry and more. The Art Fair SourceBook, the definitive guide for art and craft fairs in the United States, ranked the La Quinta Arts Festival as the #1 festival in the nation for both fine arts and fine craft this year. The festival is situated in the beautiful outdoor envenue of the stunning La Quinta Civic Center Campus in March. It has received rave reviews for its incredible location as well as having a great diversity of artists and pricing.

Multiple on-going arts events have become a part of La Quinta’s legacy. Saturdays throughout the months of October through March you’ll find artists and art lovers walking the streets of Old Town La Quinta for Art Under the Umbrellas. Over 80 artists attend each week to present talents in painting, glass, ceramic, jewelry, sculpture, and more. October through November brings the celebration of American Craft Week. This year, the La Quinta Arts Foundation has partnered with five other art-focused organizations in La Quinta to present a diverse slate of arts and crafts to the community through exhibits and workshops.

At the center of arts in the City of La Quinta, the La Quinta Arts Foundation (LQAF) is dedicated to “promoting and cultivating the arts.” LQAF hosts art events, forms partnerships between the community and the arts, and provides educational growth and outreach programs. At the heart of the foundation are multiple programs that help children gain an education in the arts as well as scholarships to encourage young artists to pursue their talents and dreams. With over $1 million awarded in scholarships to date, LAQF is certainly a force of artistic nature.

In addition to LQAF, La Quinta is home to multiple facilities dedicated to the arts. The La Quinta Museum presents the community with the history and cultural arts of La Quinta. Two local studios, Sm’art Studio and Old Town Artisan Studio, host on-going classes and workshops for the community. The La Quinta Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the culture of La Quinta through its museum and events. Multiple art galleries adorn the town, bringing in works from artists both local and throughout the world.

Get Artsy in La Quinta

The city of La Quinta is itself a work of art. Embracing public art through its Art in Public Places program has brought the beauty and creativity within the community to the the outdoor canvas that can be found throughout the city. The unique and incredible art displays are around for all to enjoy. From the mural at the La Quinta Car Wash that was created with the help of students from La Quinta High School to the artistic panels set up to greet travelers at the bus stops, the city of La Quinta is alive with a beauty that only art can inspire within a community..

Last, but certainly not least, the city of La Quinta is known for its exquisite environment – from world-classresorts to one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants.. Hotels such as the La Quinta Resort & Club offer guests a quaint yet luxurious setting of casitas, restaurants, shopping and spa sprawled along the breathtaking backdrop of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Patio dining and gourmet cuisine can be found at a multitude of La Quinta restaurants and eateries. A haven of beauty, arts and wellness, La Quinta leaves a longing for another visit to all who stay in this charming community.

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