Hollywood Takes Over La Quinta

Shooting movies and television shows in world-renowned destinations is what Hollywood is known for, so when La Quinta, California becomes the backdrop for several of the most popular reality show currently airing on mainstream television, it is something worth noting! ABC’s The Bachelorette, Chopped 420, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all came to film in our vibrant city.

The La Quinta Resort and Club was selected as the setting for two popular television shows – ABC’s The Bachelorette and Chopped 420. If you’re a fan of ABC’s The Bachelorette, you know that the season usually starts filming at the Bachelor Mansion and then chooses a magical romantic destination to travel to mid-season. Well, season 16 with Tasha Evans was no different! Tasha (and Claire) found love at the historic La Quinta Resort and Club, tucked away in the cove of the Santa Rosa mountains (talk about magical and romantic?!).

If you haven’t heard of Chopped 420, the show features four cannabis chefs who cook up infused dishes with the chance of winning a $10,000 grand prize. Watch the first season of this great spinoff and delicious food won’t be the only thing your eye is drawn to! For their first season, they also chose to film at the La Quinta Resort and Club which provides expansive outdoor venue spaces with panoramic views of the Santa Rosa mountains, making it the ideal backdrop for any reality show.

Very historical and iconic in nature, the La Quinta Resort and Club was built by American pro golfer, Walter Morgan back in 1926 and was labeled as a desert gateway to Hollywood’s elite. Back then, the resort only had 20 guest casitas and the 9-hole golf course tee time cost only one dollar to play, image that! Their first golf season was so successful that word made its way quickly all over Hollywood. Today this beautiful 45-acre resort has two golf courses, two horseback riding trails, a 23,000 square foot spa, and 41 pools. It provided the perfect, romantic backdrop for Tasha to find love during season 16 of The Bachelorette and a setting fit for the big winner on Chopped 420.

The spotlight shifted over to Main Street in Old Town La Quinta for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although they frequent the Coachella Valley, they selected this specific spot for the eleventh episode of season eleven. Old Town La Quinta is a quaint and extremely unique development that showcases Renaissance-inspired architecture, thought-out and is nestled right at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains. This spot is home to over 30 boutiques and eateries in a setting treasured for its architectural charm. There, you’ll enjoy farm-to-table fare, local craft beers, regional and international wines, and patio dining. The ladies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills chose this setting for a talk on the Lawn. Once you catch that episode, you’ll know why!

Come stay where the stars have stayed. Experience all the views, restaurants, and activities in our beautiful city of La Quinta, California.


ABC’s The Bachelorette – Filmed at La Quinta Resort & Spa

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – filmed in Old Town La Quinta

Chopped 420 – Filmed at La Quinta Resort & Spa

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